Duke Energy takes its use of contractors, consultants and their personnel (including subcontractors) performing services for our company seriously, which is why they must complete the following training and read the following information. The completion of any required training and/or information will be the responsibility of the prospective contractor and their firm prior to performing any services at Duke Energy. Additional training may be required by your Duke Energy sponsor.

Required for contractors who want to become BYOPC (Bring Your Own PC) Participants:

The following course is only required for contractors who wish to become BYOPC participants. By continuing the enrollment process for BYOPC after completing the CBT, you are by default accepting the End User Agreement, which is available as a link in the CBT.

Required for all contractors:

Before arriving at Kings Mountain for in-processing, training and badging, it is important that contingent workers know Duke Energy’s pre-arrival and arrival expectations, such as dress code, documentation that needs to be completed beforehand and safety protocols. View the complete orientation presentation now.

Required for all nuclear contractors new to Duke Energy

The following form is required for all nuclear contractors new to working with Duke Energy or industry peers seeking unescorted access for the first time.

Workday In-Processing Form

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