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Supplier Billing Options

Supplier end-use customer billing options

A supplier must select one of the following billing options for each of its end-use customers and indicate its choice when submitting the enrollment to Duke Energy Ohio:

Consolidated rate-ready billing

Under the consolidated rate-ready billing option, the supplier will send its rate schedules to Duke Energy Ohio. During each billing cycle, Duke Energy Ohio will compute the supplier charges based upon the supplier's current rate schedules and end-use customer meter data. Duke Energy Ohio will then forward a consolidated invoice to the end-use customer.

Suppliers who choose the consolidated rate-ready billing option must furnish specific rate information to Duke Energy Ohio prior to the 25th of each month to be effective the following month. Each supplier will have a limit of 80 different rates that may be in production at one time. Rates may be a fixed price per CCF.

Dual billing

With the dual billing option, Duke Energy Ohio and the supplier provide separate bills to end-use customers for their respective charges. Both Duke Energy Ohio and the supplier are responsible for calculating its respective charges, preparing and sending its own bill to the end-use customer (including any applicable taxes), receiving and processing the end-use customer's payment, and remitting taxes to the appropriate taxing authorities.

Duke Energy Ohio will transmit the necessary meter-reading information to the appropriate supplier electronically via file transfer. Duke Energy Ohio and the supplier will use the same meter reading information to bill the end-use customer for the regulated Duke Energy Ohio distribution charges and the unregulated supplier commodity charges.

Duke Energy Ohio will calculate its charges using tariff schedules approved by the PUCO.

Both Duke Energy Ohio and the supplier are responsible for the accuracy of the charges and billing method. In the event Duke Energy Ohio revises or corrects the usage information used in billing the end-use customer, Duke Energy Ohio will inform the supplier of the change in usage information electronically via file transfer.