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Supplier Orientation Overview

This page summarizes the resources and training program that Duke Energy Ohio will offer to certified suppliers. This will allow for a smooth transition to the electric marketplace and promote an efficient and productive working relationship between Duke Energy Ohio and certified suppliers. In turn, these efforts will also benefit those end-use customers seeking to obtain service from a certified supplier. The certified supplier training program will review the choice rules and the Duke Energy Ohio registration process.

Training (orientation) program

In addition to reviewing the information in the Certified Supplier Guidebook, certified suppliers are required to attend training sessions sponsored by Duke Energy Ohio. These training sessions will further explore many of the topics addressed in this guidebook and will be supplemented with additional detailed information on topics of key interest.

Additional resources for certified suppliers

To supplement the certified supplier training program, Duke Energy Ohio provides the following additional resources:

Certified Supplier Guidebook

This Certified Supplier Guidebook provides guidance to certified suppliers interested in providing power and energy services in Duke Energy Ohio’s service area. An electronic copy of this guidebook is available.

Company contact

Certified suppliers may contact the Duke Energy Ohio Certified Supplier Business Center for assistance, guidance, and additional information pertaining to this document and our business procedures.


Phone: 513.287.2322

Duke Energy contact list


A list of websites providing information for certified suppliers is included in Appendix B, Internet Links of Interest.