What makes Duke Energy different

  • Our Team

    The nation’s top site selectors, real estate brokers, economic developers and corporations have seen us as a trusted advisor for years. Looping us in to the project ensures you or your client will receive the best solutions for the specific needs at hand.

    Services we provide:

    • Early stage project development
    • Electric rate calculations, including incentives
    • Site visit coordination and support
    • Site vetting for targeted industries
    • Early preview of sites for large energy users (Site Readiness Program inventory)
    • Industrial building searches and screening
    • Expertise and experience
  • Sites

    In one stop, we’ll help you find the right location for your project. 

    • Providing early preview of sites for large energy users is our specialty.
    • Duke Energy’s Site Readiness Program prepares land for business. 
      • The Duke Energy Site Readiness Program is intended to identify, assess, improve, and increase awareness of industrial sites in the Duke Energy service territory. The goal of the program is to increase the inventory of good industrial sites throughout the territories that Duke Energy serves, and to advance the state of readiness of these sites. 
    In order to find the perfect site or building for your business, contact us.
  • Sustainability

    Helping your company see more green.

    • Duke Energy’s diverse generation mix and access to creative solutions can help you meet your goals in reducing your carbon footprint through renewables and energy efficiency.
    • We're also reducing emissions and continually investing in more renewable energy. 

    Learn more about Sustainability at Duke Energy.

  • Reliability

    Reliability that’s hard to find elsewhere. 

    • We safely generate reliable and affordable electricity from a diverse portfolio. This fuel diversity enables the company to minimize cost impacts from any one fuel source and ensures reliable power for our customers. That’s why over 20,000 large businesses currently use Duke Energy’s services to light the path to their success.
    • In 2017, the company announced a 10-year, $25 billion plan to bolster up our energy grid. 
    • Our grid modernization efforts continue to build upon an already reliable foundation – meaning your business can thrive for generations.
    Learn more about our grid investments.
  • Incentives

    Decreasing the cost of your project.

    • We help create opportunities that strengthen the communities we serve and promote long-term economic growth. 
    • Our experienced team offers a wealth of specialized services and assistance designed to save you time and money and position your business for success. 
    • Our incentive riders are offered in all states, and working with our team ensures maximum savings for the operation.

How the Team Works

We have a Business Recruitment team that will serve as a one-stop shop to help you navigate our six-state service territory and find solutions to your growing business needs. They can connect you to Economic Development teammates in each of our six states. If you know what state you’re interested in, you can contact our state teammates directly.

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