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Understanding what
"Damage Assessment" means

As repair work begins, it’s necessary for field technicians to first determine the cause and the source of the power outage. This is the most efficient way to ensure:
  • an appropriately skilled technician is assigned for the type of repairs required
  • the proper equipment and materials needed are clearly identified to help determine estimated times of restoration.
Damage assessment is the first stage of power restoration. When severe weather hits, damage to the electric grid can be extensive and widespread. Depending on the severity of the storm, the assessment process can take up to 24 hours after the weather passes.

During major weather events, a comprehensive assessment of all damage could take time, but crews are also restoring service as conditions allow. Equipment damage that does not require extensive repair work can sometimes be completed while the line technicians are on-site, if they have the required supplies.

Once damage assessment is complete, broad estimated times of restoration are determined and populated to the outage map for the county. As line crews begin making repairs, more specific estimated restoration times are provided for specific locations.