Distribution Hardening and Resiliency Program

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Fewer Outages. Faster Restorations.

The Distribution Hardening and Resiliency program invests in smarter, more robust and more secure infrastructure that is better able to withstand severe weather conditions and protect it from external threats.
  • Distribution hardening investments focus on lowering risks to the distribution system and preventing outages from occurring.
  • Resiliency investments minimize the impact of outage events and improve our ability to restore power faster.


  • Reduces outages, especially during storms, and provides faster restoration times when outages do occur
  • Eliminates outage events by identifying and addressing common outage causes
  • Replaces older equipment to proactively prevent future outage events
  • Enhances vital physical and cyber security equipment hardening
  • Improves capacity margin and provides alternative sources of power where they don’t exist today

Specific components of this program include:

  • Retrofitting transformers with new technology to prevent animal interference and lightning strikes
  • Replacing thousands of miles of deteriorating cable, which is more susceptible to failure
  • Installing physical and cyber security enhancements to protect against hackers and everyday occurrences like animal intrusions and vandalism
  • Adding redundant power sources to vulnerable communities connected to the grid by only one power line so they can be powered from a different line if power goes out