Infrastructure Security and Resilience

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Fewer Outages. Faster Restorations.

We're building a stronger electric infrastructure for customers that is more resistant to power outages and more secure against threats and disruptions. As one of the largest utilities in the nation, Duke Energy is a top target for cyber or physical attack, creating an urgent need to invest now in technology for a safer and more secure energy grid. A stronger electric grid also means that when storms hit, we’re prepared to help customers minimize or even avoid costly and disruptive outages.

In addition to pole and equipment replacements and vegetation management, we're upgrading power lines, raising substations and other equipment in flood-prone areas, installing improved barriers and outage mitigation equipment, strengthening the grid against cyber and physical attacks, and making the power grid more intelligent.

Benefits of a stronger electric grid

  • Helps prevent outages by identifying and addressing common outage causes before they become a problem
  • Reduces outages, especially during storms, and provides faster restoration times when outages do occur
  • Better prepares us to defend against cyber and physical attacks
  • Increases energy capacity and provides alternative sources of power where they don’t exist today

Specific components of this program include:

  • Retrofitting transformers with new technology to prevent animal interference and lightning strikes
  • Identifying and replacing thousands of miles of power lines to prevent outages before they occur
  • Installing physical and cyber security enhancements to protect against hackers and everyday occurrences like animal intrusions and vandalism
  • Adding redundant power sources to communities served by a single power line so those communities can be powered from a different line or microgrid during extended outages