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Fuel Costs & Your Bill

Here's how fuel costs can affect your energy bill:

Duke Energy, like other energy providers across the nation, relies on fuels to run our power plants and generate electricity. Watch this short video to learn more about how rising and falling fuel prices can impact your bill.
Infographic showing various impacts to your electric bill

What affects the costs on my bill?

  • Energy Use - You pay for the energy you use according to rates set by state regulators. Many factors can affect how much energy you use, like when there are weather extremes or if there are changes in your energy use patterns.
  • Fuel Costs - Power plants need fuel to generate electricity. The cost of fuel is driven by market demand and other factors. The price of fuel can fluctuate significantly due to national and international events that are occurring around the globe.
Infographic showing higher fuel costs mean higher bills

What happens when the price of fuel changes?

  • As the price of fuel rises or falls, we adjust the fuel costs on your bill to better align with these fluctuations.
  • Each adjustment goes through a process of reviews and approvals with regulators, so when fuel prices change, it can be a while before those changes are reflected on your bill.
Infographic showing Duke Energy does not profit from fuel costs

What can I expect on my future bills?

  • Fuel costs are a pass-through cost – meaning Duke Energy does not make a profit on these adjustments on your bill. How often these adjustments happen depends on guidelines from your state’s utility commission.
  • As fuel prices ebb and flow, we’ll keep doing our best to purchase it at the lowest prices we can, and we’ll keep you informed along the way.
In the meantime, here are some tips, tools and programs that can help you manage your energy bill.
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