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Setting Environmental Goals

Review your current energy footprint to align goals, needs, timeline and resources.

Aligning your environmental goals with the most appropriate renewables program begins with insight into your current energy footprint. You may access this unique data by logging in to your account. Once you’ve gathered this information, you can more accurately map out the long-term plan toward your desired renewable goal by asking a few key questions: 

  • MANDATE-DRIVEN: What are your goals or mandates with renewables? Would you like to claim the additionality of bringing new renewables to the grid? Or perhaps you’ve pledged to match or offset a specific amount of load today, regardless of whether it is new to the grid or not?  
  • LOCATION: Are you looking for an on-site or off-site renewable energy solution? If on-site, how much suitable land or rooftop space do you have?
  • TIME FRAME: What is your time frame for implementing a renewable energy solution?
  • FINANCIAL: Do you seek new methods of lowering your energy bills? Are you positioned to make an initial or ongoing investment? Are you willing to pay a premium for a renewable energy solution? Some renewables are more expensive than others, depending on how readily available they are. 
Regardless of your objectives, Duke Energy has a program that can move you in the right direction.