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NC GreenPower Large Volume

NC GreenPower Large Volume

What is Renewable Power?

Renewable power is electricity produced from resources – like the sun, wind, water and more. We are helping to generate more renewable power by offering our customers programs that directly support the development of new clean energy facilities.

Duke Energy is working with NC GreenPower, a nonprofit, statewide organization. NC GreenPower gives you the ability to support the development of clean power sources throughout North Carolina.

Here's how it works

Large customers can choose to participate in the NC Renewable Energy Program. The program gives large-volume customers the ability to purchase renewable power at $2.50 per 250-kWh-block. The amount purchased is added to their regular monthly electric bill. A minimum of 40 blocks (10,000 kWh) is required each month to participate.

Why is renewable power so important?

Understand why you should get involved with NC GreenPower.
  • Improves the quality of the environment in North Carolina.

  • Your contributions are tax deductible and pass entirely to the nonprofit, NC GreenPower.

  • Green energy reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Green energy is an investment to future generations.

NC GreenPower

Visit the NC GreenPower website to learn more about NC GreenPower programs, including the Solar+ Schools grant program.
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Duke Energy does not profit from NC GreenPower. One-hundred percent of the funds collected are transferred to NC GreenPower, which supports local renewable projects in North Carolina.