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Light Pole Attachments

We are pleased to offer you a solution to meet your roadway and area lighting needs: light pole attachments. Customers may now attach small equipment to our light poles, including cameras, Wi-Fi antennas, repeaters and more, all for a convenient monthly fee. Attachments are just one more way we can help you gain a strategic advantage.

The application, review and approval processes are easy!

Duke Energy will provide installation guidance and the power source to your attachment(s). In addition, equipment space will be provided to help protect your equipment.

Smart Attachment Fact Sheet

Cost Breakdown

Banner Handout

Troubleshoot equipment with our Step-by-Step-Guide

Why choose Duke Energy?

We continually look for new ways to expand and improve our platform so that you can also enhance the service you provide. Here are some key features of our light pole attachments offering.
  • Turnkey

    Enjoy hassle-free installation and service.

  • Little or no installation cost

    Free up capital for other projects.

  • Design services included

    Meet industry standards and lighting ordinances.

  • Maintenance, electricity & warranty included

    Eliminate high and unexpected repair bills.

  • One low monthly cost

    Convenience and savings just for you.

How to Get Started

  1. Email us at to initiate a discussion with a member of our  Attachments Team. 
  2. If you are interested in moving forward with an attachment project, you will submit an application  per location (device specifications, attachment method, electrical load, weight, etc.). 
  3. Attachment customers will receive a $700 invoice for the initial location and a $150 invoice for each subsequent location if submitted within the same week. Please submit payment to Duke Energy’s Attachments Team for review and a Duke Energy Project Manager will be assigned to your account. See more about the Cost Breakdown.

Additional Questions?

Please contact the Duke Energy Attachments Team at  

We can also assist with finding an authorized vendor to properly install banners on poles. Email us to inquire. Thank you.