New Bill Frequently Asked Questions

  • While the bill has a new look and feel, it includes the same helpful information you’re accustomed to seeing.

    The following enhancements are applicable to bills for both residential and business customers:

    • A simple two-column layout features billing information on the left side and bill-related messages on the right
    • The use of color, bold text and icons emphasize key information
    • Color line graph and/or comparison chart illustrating energy usage data
    • More white space to segment information
    • A perforated payment stub located on the bottom of the page
    • Supplemental pages provide easy access to relevant contact information and additional bill messages
    Bills may have additional line items or sections for those customers who take advantage of additional products and services.
  • All Duke Energy residential and business customers will get the redesigned bill except for those who receive the following types of bills: Braille, large print and summary bills for some customers. These types of bills will be updated at later dates as we continue to improve your overall experience.
  • You will begin receiving your newly designed energy bill in 2020. Communications providing detailed explanations of the changes and an overview of how to read your bill will be shared prior to the new format rollout.

    As we enhance our systems, you may notice subtle changes to your bill through 2022. These changes include more energy usage comparison data and customized on-bill messages.
  • We are in the process of modernizing our technology and increasing efficiencies to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

    Our simplified energy bill is just one of many steps we are taking to improve your experience. Based on feedback we received from customers, we updated the bill with a modern look and feel and made it easier to view and understand energy usage.
  • We conducted a series of customer focus groups and surveys, along with input from state regulatory bodies. This valuable feedback, combined with industry best practices, helped us arrive at a new bill design developed to deliver an uncluttered experience.
  • All customers will receive standard size paper, mailing envelopes and remittance envelopes. Customers in the Carolinas and Midwest should expect their new bill to arrive in a slightly larger envelope.

    The new bill will now be printed double-sided; for every two billing pages, double-sided printing only uses one paper sheet.
  • Your account information, including your account number and meter number, will remain the same.
  • The simplified redesigned bill will replace the current bill format and we will be unable to accommodate requests to receive the old format. If you need a reprint of a previous statement received prior to the implementation of the new bill format, availability and format will depend upon your location and dates of service.
  • You can find more information by contacting your account manager.
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