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CW DMAG Update - December 1, 2006 Low Inflow Protocol (LIP) Drought Indicators

Low Inflow Protocol (LIP) Drought Indicators

The following are the Low Inflow Protocol (LIP) drought indicators as of the end of December 1, 2006:

Storage Indicator (SI):       71.33%
Target Storage Index=            62%
Ratio=                             115.05% (Supports Normal)

Streamflow Indicator (six-month average versus historical six-month average):

Ratio=                  104.3% (Supports Normal)

US Drought Monitor (three-month average):
Three-month Numeric Average= -1.00 (Supports Normal)

Groundwater Gages:
USGS Langtree current reading = 18.32 ft (Stage 1)
USGS Linville current reading = 1.94 ft (Normal)
NCDWR Glen Alpine reading = 8.15 ft (Stage 1)

The C-W Basin was in a Stage 1 at the end of October, 2006, and all indicators have to recover to move back up to a lower Stage, which they have. However, only one of the groundwater gages has recovered to Normal conditions (barely). The other two groundwater gages are still in the Stage 1 level. All three gages, however, are trending upward in line with the streamflow readings. Therefore, we conservatively remain in Stage 1 and see that the other two groundwater gages return to normal or watch stage conditions before moving out of Stage 1. It appears that for the time being, the three groundwater gages are providing very useful information to use in combination with the other indicators. Even with recent rains, the groundwater has still not fully recovered.

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