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CW DMAG Update - October 4, 2007 Low Inflow Protocol (LIP) Drought Indicators

The Catawba-Wateree Basin entered a Stage 3 Low Inflow Protocol (LIP) condition this morning (October 4, 2007).  This is in accordance with the CW-DMAG recommendation to monitor the triggers at a daily frequency as the basin approached Stage 3.  The following are the drought indicators as of October 4, 2007: 

Storage Index (SI):         42.26%
Target Storage Index=    74.22%
Ratio=                           56.94% (Supports Stage 3) (note: Stage 3 ratio threshold is 57%)   

Streamflow Indicator (six-month average versus historical six-month average):
Ratio=           45.30% (Supports Stage 3)       

US Drought Monitor (three-month average)
Three-month Numeric Average= +2.33 (Supports Stage 2) (Note that the part of the Upper Catawba Basin was just declared an exceptional drought area with the latest Drought Monitor Map release and this average will be moving higher in the near future.)

Duke Energy will issue a “news release” later today announcing the Stage 3 LIP conditions and it will reference the member organizations of the CW-DMAG.