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CW DMAG Update - September 1, 2006 Low Inflow Protocol (LIP) Drought Indicators

The following are the Low Inflow Protocol (LIP) drought indicators as of the end of September 1, 2006: STAGE 1

Storage Indicator (SI):
Storage Index=             71.94%
Target Storage Index=   75%
Ratio=                          95.92% (Supports Stage 0)

Streamflow Indicator (six-month average versus historical six-month average):

Ratio=                           59.8% (Supports Stage 2)

US Drought Monitor (three-month average):
Three-month Numeric Average= 0.67 (Supports Stage 0)

Since the C-W Basin was in a Stage 1 at the end of July, 2006, and all indicators have to recover to move back up to the lower Stage, the C-W basin is still in a Stage 1. The storage indicator has recovered somewhat due to the recent rainfall, but the streamflow indicator continues to reflect very low inflow into the reservoirs and will probably continue with low inflows into the fall season. The Drought Monitor three-month rolling average is beginning to reflect the lessening of the drought for the basin.

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