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CW DMAG Update - March 30, 2007 Low Inflow Protocol (LIP) Drought Indicators

The following are the Low Inflow Protocol (LIP) drought indicators as of March 30, 2007:

Storage Indicator (SI): 69.00%
Target Storage Index = 65.84%
Ratio = 104.80% (Supports Normal)

Streamflow Indicator (six-month average versus historical six-month average):
Ratio = 1.03.2% (Supports Normal)

US Drought Monitor (three-month average)
Three-month Numeric Average=-0.33 (Supports Normal)

Groundwater Gages:
USGS Langtree current reading = 17.26 ft (Normal)
USGS Linville current reading = 2.03 ft (Normal)
NCDWR Glen Alpine reading = 8.15 ft (Stage 0)

The C-W Basin was in a Stage 0, Low Inflow Watch at the end of February, 2007, and all indicators have to recover to move back up to a lower Stage, which they did in previous months. Please note, however, the trend for the indicators is in the direction of increasing dryness.  In order to move out of an LIP Stage to a lower Stage or Watch or Normal Stage, all groundwater gages need to recover to the lower stage also. The Langtree gage reading has recovered from a Stage 0 to a normal reading for three months, and the Linville gage reading has recovered to a Normal reading. The Glen Alpine gage reading remains in a Stage 0 reading. The groundwater gages are just now reflecting the higher than normal rainfall from a few months ago. However, the rainfall was not enough to bring them significantly above average with the Glen Alpine gage still reading Stage 0. Therefore, the LIP will remain in a Stage 0, Low Inflow Watch.

As discussed previously, since we are operating under the existing license, the LIP is voluntary at this time. However, Duke recommends that all adhere as best as possible to the provisions of the LIP. Please refer to Appendix C of the Comprehensive Relicensing Agreement for the official LIP requirements.