Duke Energy

Bear Creek Lake - 5 Day Message History

Last Update: 10/5/2015 8:40:21 PM
The East Fork and West Fork Projects on the Tuckasegee River are in Stage 1 drought conditions, and Low Inflow Protocol measures have been implemented. Duke Energy will make West Fork flow releases in conjunction with a partial opening of the Cedar Cliff spillway gate on Thursday, August 20 and Saturday, August 22 to support recreational flow releases at Dillsboro. Due to an unplanned outage at Cedar Cliff Hydro Station, no East Fork flow releases are scheduled until operations resume. West Fork flow releases will continue as scheduled. Additional West Fork releases will be made to support recreational releases. At the present time, Duke Energy will maintain the minimum flow releases for normal conditions.

Last Update: 10/3/2015 4:40:21 PM
Due to the recent rainfall, the Upper Catawba River Basin is seeing increased inflows and the current forecast shows a potential for continued heavy rain. In preparation for possible heavy flows, Duke Energy is moving water from upstream of Lookout Shoals by operating the hydro stations. As a result, spilling will increase at Lookout Shoals as flow levels increase. Lookout Shoals is not expected to exceed 103 feet under current conditions. Moving the water will help add storage capacity upstream in an effort to reduce the impact from the expected heavy rains. Lake neighbors and people living in low lying areas need to prepare for potential flooding. Updated lake levels are available any time at www.duke-energy.com/lakes and by calling 800-829-5253. As always, we encourage those living along lakes, streams and other low-lying and flood-prone areas to pay special attention to changing weather conditions and take any necessary precautions. We will provide additional updates if conditions change. Catawba County residents who live around Lookout Shoals should contact Catawba County Emergency Management to update their contact information using the Community Alert System (CAS) web page, www.catawbacountync.gov/alert, or by calling 828-465-8230 during regular business hours.