Duke Energy


Last Update: 7/29/2014 12:14:35 PM
Duke Energy has identified a lubrication issue with Unit 2 at Lookout Shoals and will have to take it out of service for three weeks. The planned outage is expected to begin July 24th and run through August 14th. Please recall that we are in a long term outage on Unit 3 that goes until the end of December. To lower the risk of any high water, analysis has shown that we can manage this outage of Unit 2 with average July and August monthly precipitation amounts. To further manage the risk of high water Duke Energy will operate Lake James at target elevation and Lakes Rhodhiss and Oxford at or below target. Lookout Shoals Lake will be managed to 96 feet (local datum) as you have seen recently.

We will continue monitoring Lookout Shoals Lake closely and provide updates if conditions change.

Please stay alert to changing conditions. Updated lake levels are available any time at http://www.duke-energy.com/lakes/levels.asp and at 800-829-5253. We continue to closely monitor conditions and operate the hydro system to reduce impacts. We will provide updates as forecasts and conditions change.

Catawba County residents who live around Lookout Shoals should contact Catawba County Emergency Management to update their contact information using the following direct link to their Community Alert System (CAS) web page: http://www.catawbacountync.gov/alert or by calling 828-465-8230 during regular business hours.

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