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Underground Protection

Underground Protection

The underground power line that feeds into your home was built to last. But, over time, ground settling or overgrown tree roots can cause disastrous line breaks – cutting power to your home in an instant.

Since your property’s underground line is your responsibility, it’s up to you to locate a qualified electrician to find the break and mend the line. Those can be complex, lengthy and costly repairs.

Or, you can take advantage of Duke Energy One’s Underground Protection program.

We're here when you need us.

For just pennies a day, Underground Protection will get you up and running.

The benefits are clear:

  • 24-hour repair service hotline
  • Work by qualified technicians backed by a one-year warranty
  • Comprehensive coverage of up to $4,000 annually

If you have a problem, just call us and we’ll come to your home to repair your underground line. No hidden costs. No hassles. No headaches.

See what's covered with Underground Protection.
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Get started with Underground Protection today!

Underground Protection coverage is available to Duke Energy customers in Ohio and Kentucky for just $4.99 per month.

OnlineEnrollmentBtnor enroll by phone at 800-774-1226.

The Underground Protection plan is not part of the regulated services offered by Duke Energy and is not in any way sanctioned by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio or the Public Service Commission of Kentucky and may be offered by other providers. Purchasers of the Underground Protection product will receive no preference or special treatment from Duke Energy in regard to their regulated electric service. A customer does not have to buy the Underground Protection product in order to receive the same safe and reliable electric service from Duke Energy.

What Underground Protection customers have to say

"I live in an older home and all utilities are underground. I had already experienced problems, so I was open to getting protection. Underground Protection saved me $3,000 in repair costs."
–Mary Heinichen

"Service was great and the technicians were very nice. They had our power back on within two hours and came back in the morning to complete the repairs. We think the protection is definitely worth having!"
–Mrs. Walter Clements

"I am very satisfied with the service. Great response! Our [electrical line] problem was actually caused by the summer draught. My husband didn't know I had signed up for the protection, but was glad I had when the problem occurred."
–Darleen McGrath


See What's Covered by Underground Protection

Protect your home against unexpected breaks in your underground power line.

  • Over time, ground settling and overgrown tree roots can cause disastrous line breaks – cutting power to your home in an instant.
  • Underground protection covers underground line breaks that are attributed to normal wear and tear, natural disasters and acts of nature.
  • One of the most common line breaks can occur near where the power line connects to your electric meter. These types of breaks can result from ground freezing and thawing, natural settling, and more.