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Duke Energy Florida 2018 RFP for Electric Generating Capacity

DEF is seeking proposals from potential suppliers of electric generating capacity and associated energy as described herein. In this RFP, DEF is soliciting proposals for alternatives to the Company's next planned generating unit ("NPGU"), which is approximately 1,640 MW (summer) in 2018 with a minimum of 820 MW in service no later than May 1, 2018 with the balance of the capacity to be in service no later than Dec. 1, 2018.

All potential bidders need to register with Power Advocate (see registration instructions below) in order to download the most recent RFP documentation that is provided on or after Oct. 8, 2013; to maintain current RFP information and frequently asked questions; to correspond with the Official RFP Contacts; and to submit RFP bids.

This DEF 2018 RFP includes the following documents (as of 10-8-13):

  • DEF2018RFP Solicitation Document
  • Attachment A: Terms and Conditions
  • Attachment B: DEF 2013 Ten-Year Site Plan ("TYSP")
  • Attachment C: Bidders Response Package (Instructions)
  • Attachment D: Bidders Response Schedules/Forms

The above documents (in PDF format only) can be downloaded by clicking the following link and saving the zip file to your desktop; however, official RFP response materials are available only on the PowerAdvocate website:

All inquiries or contact regarding this RFP, including questions of clarification and requests for additional information must be submitted to both the DEF RFP Contact and the Independent Monitor/Evaluator ("IM/E") Contact as listed below:

DEF RFP Contact:
Benjamin Borsch
Duke Energy Florida (DEF16)
299 1st Ave North
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Telephone number: (727) 820-4781
E-mail address:

Independent Monitor/Evaluator Contact

Sedway Consulting, Inc.
821 15th St, Boulder, Colorado 80302
Telephone number: (303) 581-4172
Fax number: (303) 581-4127
E-mail address:


Unsolicited contact with other DEF personnel or employees of DEF affiliated companies concerning the RFP is not allowed and will constitute grounds for disqualification. DEF reserves the right to provide written responses to all Bidders on the Power Advocate DEF2018RFP web site if DEF, at its sole discretion, deems it necessary ensure that all Bidders have equal access to certain information.

RFP Schedule, Bidders Notice of Intent (NOI) to Bid and Bidders Meeting Information:

Please download the following information for the RFP Schedule, NOI and Bidders Meeting by clicking the following link and saving the file to your desktop:

Registration Instructions

Please use the following links to learn how to access and register for the DEF2018RFP:

Additional information (PowerAdvocate frequently asked questions and quick-start guide) on the registration instructions and requirements with the Power Advocate Web site (which is required on or after Oct. 8, 2013) can be downloaded by clicking the following link and saving the zip file to your desktop: