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Power Manager

What is Power Manager?®

Power Manager is a voluntary program that pays you for reducing your air conditioning use during times of high demand for electricity.

Sign up for Power Manager or call 1-888-463-5022 to enroll by phone.

Residential time-of-use and Net Metering customers are unable to participate in the Power Manager program.

Why Sign Up?

  • You are helping to preserve the environment and keep electric costs low by reducing the demand for electricity and delaying the need to build additional power plants in our region.
  • You will receive an $8 credit on your electric bill per month from July through October.

How the Program Works

  • Duke Energy will install a small device near your central air conditioner's outside unit.
  • Using this device, your air conditioner may be temporarily interrupted for a portion of each half hour during the summer when demand for electricity may reach critical levels.
  • Your air conditioner will be turned off and on in coordination with other Power Manager customers to reduce the overall demand for electricity.

Power Manager is an easy way to do something positive for yourself and the environment.

To learn more, see the Power Manager FAQs.

How to Get Started

To sign up for Power Manager, you must:

  • Be a Duke Energy residential customer.
  • Own your single-family home.
  • Have a functional central air conditioning unit with an outside compressor.

There are two ways to sign up for Power Manager:

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