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Dial Read Your Meter

A dial meter face usually has four or five dials. Each dial has the digits 0 to 9 around its edge and a pointer in the middle, somewhat like a clock. The pointers turn when electricity is being used, but because they move so slowly, you can hardly see them turning.

The dials are read from left to right. Some numbers run counter-clockwise, some run clockwise. When a pointer falls between the two numbers, the smaller number is recorded.

To read the meter in the illustration labeled January, start with the dial on the far left.

Dial Meter - January

The pointer falls between the 7 and 8, so the 7 is recorded as the first digit of your meter reading. On the next dial, the pointer falls between 2 and 3, so the 2 is recorded. Continue with the remaining dials. In January, this meter reads 7235.

What is the meter reading shown in the illustration labeled February?

Dial Meter - February

It reads 8390 kilowatt-hours.

Your Duke Energy representative does not reset the meter each month, so you can see how much electricity you have used by simply subtracting last month's reading from this month's reading. In this example, 1155 kilowatt-hours were used between the January and February meter readings (8390 - 7235 = 1155).