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Stronger Communities

Stronger Communities

Our investments in plants, poles and wires keep the lights on. Duke Energy also has a long tradition of investing in our local communities through charitable giving and by promoting economic development.

Energy cost and reliability are major factors for businesses deciding where to locate or expand. By upgrading our electric system, we can promise affordable, reliable and clean energy to companies who choose the Carolinas. They, in turn, bring new jobs and new capital further spurring economic development in the region.

Strong, vibrant communities also attract newcomers to our region and improve the quality of life for everyone. We focus our charitable giving on support for the arts, human services, safety, education, the environment, energy efficiency and economic development.

We also offer a number of energy assistance programs to help our low-income customers stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And our employees and retirees give millions every year in individual donations and volunteer time to charitable causes they support.