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Mission Critical Services

What Are Mission Critical Services?

Duke Energy’s Mission Critical Services can help you assess your facility and identify the best options to keep your critical operations up and running. We install back-up generators and other uninterruptible power supplies to ensure your business has the reliable power it requires.

Features & Benefits

  • Allows you to focus on your business while Duke Energy provides seamless, uninterrupted power to your facility.
  • Offers a unique pricing and service option, which requires no up-front capital expenditure.
  • Provides on-site generator and related equipment, which is remotely monitored and controlled 24x7.
  • Includes operation and maintenance services.

How to Get Started

Contact Customer Account Services at or 800-777-0046 to arrange a consultation with a Duke Energy professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is Duke Energy uniquely qualified to provide Mission Critical Services?

Duke Energy provides this service to its own critical data center and has the experience and resources to ensure quality for our customer’s systems as well.

Will Duke Energy provide ongoing maintenance and repairs?

Yes. After the generator and uninterruptible power supplies are installed and commissioned, Duke Energy will assume ongoing maintenance and repair responsibilities.