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Equal Payment Plan

Take the surprises out of your monthly bills with Duke Energy’s Equal Payment Plan for Business.

The Equal Payment Plan for Business is a free service that makes setting and keeping an accurate budget easier by leveling-out your electricity cost. Here's how the Equal Payment Plan works.

  • Your monthly Equal Payment Plan amount is based on your previous year’s electricity usage. Any additional services, i.e., outdoor lighting, are not included in the Equal Payment Plan amount.
  • Your previous year’s charges are divided into 11 equal payments that you'll make each month.
  • We will read the electric meter serving your location each month and your bill will show your actual usage and charges for each billing period.
  • We will review your bill periodically, comparing your actual usage to your Equal Payment Plan amount.
  • The 12th month is the settling-up month for the actual electricity used during the 12 month billing period.
    • If you paid for more electricity than you used over the first 11 months, we will credit your account for the difference.
    • If you used more electricity than you paid for, then we will bill you for only the difference. Note: During our periodic reviews, we may adjust your Equal Payment Plan amount to minimize the 12 month true-up amount. 

And with no service charges or fees, many customers find Duke Energy’s Equal Payment Plan for Business makes planning and budgeting more accurate and convenient. To be eligible for the Equal Payment Plan, your account must have had service at least twelve months with a good payment record.

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