Solar Energy

Solar Power Solutions for the Fortune 1000

Solar energy is an important part of our nation's energy future – and its present. More and more institutions across the U.S. are looking for greater renewable energy choices, and solar plays an increasingly important role in the way we address our customers’ energy procurement goals. Already, it's helping homeowners, businesses and governmental organizations meet part of their energy needs. And as the cost of solar installations continues to decrease nationwide, it's easier for customers to choose solar.

Clean energy solutions for businesses are improving the environment – and your bottom line. Shareholders, employees and customers are all pushing for environmentally friendly products and services, and renewable energy can be a big step toward meeting your organization’s sustainability goals and driving your sustainability brand.

Going Solar with Duke Energy Renewables

Duke Energy Renewables owns and operates more than 1,600 megawatts (MW) of utility scale* photovoltaic (PV) solar power projects at 150 solar sites across the country, delivering customized solar energy solutions for utilities, municipalities, electric cooperatives and large business customers.

Duke Energy Renewables’ subsidiary, REC Solar, is one of the leading commercial solar companies in the country and has built an additional 350-plus megawatts of solar projects nationwide. REC Solar has more than 20 years of experience and specializes in commercial solar and energy storage systems in the retail, manufacturing, agriculture, technology, government and nonprofit sectors.

*Duke Energy Renewables defines utility scale as greater than 5 megawatts.

We believe generating electricity from renewable resources will play an increasingly important role in the transition to cleaner energy. So we’re developing innovative renewable energy projects to serve our customers as well as other utilities, businesses and communities throughout the United States.

One major area of focus on sustainability in the solar energy systems we build and operate is the supply chain selection. We have stringent sustainability and quality criteria for the materials used in our projects, including recyclable, rated by independent parties for sustainability efforts, and built with sustainable manufacturing processes (reduced waste, water use and raw material consumption).

During construction, we leverage on-site recycling, vehicle usage restrictions, environmental impact assessments (where needed) and stormwater pollution prevention programs. We also implement sustainability policies in our corporate offices, including recycling, eco-friendly light fixtures, hybrid vehicles, refillable water stations and green cleaning.

Duke Energy Renewables offers commercial solar financing to maximize the return on investment for your organization. Whether you are looking for tax incentives, lower upfront costs or full system ownership, we have a solution to meet your needs. Our solar financing team will help you decide if a cash purchase, lease or zero-down Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is the best option for your business.

Our in-house financing team can also help leverage incentives to maximize your savings, including federal, state, industry or utility-specific programs. Our team is made up of specialists that will help you identify and secure all desired incentives.

Photovoltaic (PV) operations and maintenance helps protect your solar investment over the 25-plus-year lifespan of the system. Our dedicated service teams are available to perform the repair, cleaning and monitoring services required to optimize system performance. We have the knowledge and resources needed to keep your system running at peak performance.

Our solar O&M services include preventive PV system maintenance, warranty administration, module washing, vegetation control, accelerated field response, curve tracing and infrared tools for diagnosing issues. We also offer energy monitoring and reporting, with available internal and customer-facing dashboards. Third-party repairs and inspection services are available for system commissioning, DAS/SCADA upgrades, inverter and module replacement and reroofing support.

Project List

Renewable Energy Projects

With more than 940 megawatts of solar across 28 states and Puerto Rico, Duke Energy Renewables has a wide range of experience with designing, installing, financing and maintaining commercial solar energy systems. Please read our case studies to learn more about how we were able to provide solar power solutions for large companies, schools and utilities across the country.