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Battery Energy Storage

Duke Energy is a leader in battery energy storage solutions, providing innovative development and deployment of battery energy storage systems. Over the next 15 years, Duke Energy is investing $500 million in energy storage, keeping us at the leading edge of microgrid solutions. We’ve developed storage and microgrid solutions in a variety of locations, helping establish Duke Energy Renewables as a major catalyst in opening new markets and accelerating the rate of battery storage deployment. We collaborate with organizations across the country to design, implement and maintain energy storage solutions that reduce customer demand charges, provide resiliency and help stabilize the grid.

A battery energy storage system (BESS) stores energy through battery technology to be used at a later time. Battery energy storage generally serves to cover peak load coverage and provide grid stabilization. Such systems are often used in conjunction with solar and wind electricity generation systems.

Battery energy storage solutions are specifically designed for facilitating the transition to new ways of generating and distributing electricity. Battery storage systems enable the deployment of renewable energy, even when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing. Storage is key to making the broad deployment of renewables feasible and helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Batteries help store energy when it's available and release it when it is required into central, decentralized and off-grid systems. Battery energy storage systems provide significant additional benefits, including:

  • Delivering substantial annual electricity cost savings
  • Providing emergency response centers with energy storage in areas prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes, allowing operation during power outages
  • Storing energy produced from renewable sources that otherwise could not be injected into the grid
  • Stabilizing the electric grid at the transmission and distribution levels – improving its working conditions, extending its capabilities and making it more secure
  • Providing energy solutions to remote locations and communities

Over the next 15 years, Duke Energy Renewables is investing $500 million to integrate battery energy storage throughout the Carolinas. These projects will increase battery storage capacity in the region twentyfold and deliver microgrid energy to previously underserved customers and communities. Our Hot Springs, N.C., microgrid project will provide the remote community with a 2-megawatt (MW) solar generation facility and 4-MW lithium-based battery storage system. This will produce a safe, cost-effective and reliable energy solution for the Hot Springs area. The project will also help reduce the ongoing maintenance of the existing power lines that currently provide power to the town.

Duke Energy also owns a majority interest in Phoenix Energy Technologies. The company, based in Irvine, Calif., provides energy management systems and services for commercial customers, helping them reduce their energy consumption, decrease their environmental impact and achieve their corporate sustainability goals. With a suite of behind-the-meter solar, energy storage and demand management offerings, Duke Energy has created a compelling platform of on-site energy solutions for commercial customers large and small.