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About Duke Energy Renewables

The world needs leaders. Pioneers that can forge a path and cement a new way of being. Duke Energy Renewables is your partner in generating a renewable energy future for your business, your world and your home. The choice is yours and the power is in your hands. How will you contribute to the future? Duke Energy Renewables is here to help.

Duke Energy Renewables is a leader in developing innovative wind and solar energy solutions for customers across the country. By developing renewable and clean energy technologies, we're reducing our customers' environmental footprint.

We now own and operate more than 2,975 megawatts (MW) of solar and wind projects, and we're adding additional renewable energy solutions such as battery storage and microgrids to our portfolio. Duke Energy Renewable Services provides operations and maintenance services to third-party renewables operators – helping them to optimize the performance of their clean energy plants.
Duke Energy Renewables invests in more than just clean energy. Our wind and solar farms:

  • Create jobs, particularly during construction
  • Generate valuable tax revenue year after year to the communities that host our renewable power projects
  • Provide a steady, supplemental source of revenue for participating landowners
  • Help reduce dependence on conventional sources of electricity

Investing in renewable energy is one way Duke Energy is working to reduce our environmental footprint. Wind and solar farms generate zero-emission electricity, reducing the threat of climate change – the biggest threat to our planet's biodiversity.

And as we grow our portfolio, Duke Energy Renewables is committed to avoiding and minimizing any impact that our wind and solar farms may have on area habitats and wildlife. From our preliminary biological surveys to ongoing avian monitoring, we carefully study our project sites and work closely with government wildlife resource agencies to ensure our wind and solar power projects operate in harmony with the surrounding environment.