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Other Services

Other Services

Programs, Solutions and More to Explore

The clean energy goals of each large business customer are unique. A large business has several clean energy options, and we can connect you with a clean energy program or solution that aligns with your sustainability goals. We offer several options for large business customers, including on-site, off-site and financial solutions. Contact us to learn more!

Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions

A commercial brand that offers distributed generation, off site renewables, energy resiliency, fleet electrification, and electrical and mechanical systems.

Learn more about Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions.

Duke Energy Regulated Renewables

Duke Energy is developing innovative renewable energy projects to serve our customers.

Learn more about what Duke Energy is Doing and what Regulated Options are Available for Customers.

Energy Efficiency Programs

We have a wide variety of tools to help you manage your energy bills including energy efficiency programs and rebates to help save energy and money, a Business Energy Check to analyze your energy usage and even a way to save by using your backup generation. Take advantage of incentives available for new construction and retrofit projects to improve your facility's energy efficiency.

Learn more about Energy Efficiency Programs.