Site Readiness Program

Duke Energy Ohio and Duke Energy Kentucky offer a program to advance site readiness for economic development. The Site Readiness Program provides funding and expertise to communities to help identify, improve and increase awareness of potential development sites, and to help those sites qualify for state programs in Ohio and Kentucky. The program is designed to advance prime parcels further in development pipelines, easing burdens for local and state governments through initial screening and assessments.

Program Goals

Duke Energy launched this program in Greater Cincinnati in 2010 as an extension of work the company is doing with local leaders to improve the health and vitality of the region through economic development.

The program works in tandem with county officials to:

  • Identify potential new sites for development
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses of sites
  • Recommend how to mitigate weaknesses
  • Assess “buildability”
  • Improve site readiness
  • Assist with marketing “ready” sites
  • Qualify/develop/sell sites to create jobs and economic opportunity in our service territory

How it works

First, Duke Energy works with local governments in its service territory to identify and review applications for sites to be considered for the program. This process typically begins in early spring and ends in May when sites are selected for the program. Between five and 10 sites may be selected for the program annually.

Once a site is selected, Duke Energy’s program is managed in three phases:

  1. A nationally recognized site selection consultant, McCallum Sweeney Consulting, conducts an initial assessment of the industrial site (existing and potential) through an in-depth meeting and tour with local economic development officials.
  2. Independent land use experts and site planners assess “buildability” and the conceptual site plan.
  3. A detailed report about the site’s viability and recommendations to improve site readiness is provided to the county.

Duke Energy invests approximately $25,000 per site, funding the initial evaluation and providing the matching grant. Counties only are asked to invest in implementing Duke Energy’s recommendations to make the site more viable for economic development.

Get Started

Counties interested in having economic development sites considered for the program should contact:

David Smith
Director of Economic Development
Duke Energy Ohio & Duke Energy Kentucky

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