Labor Practices Indicators

Management Approach

The career opportunities and competitive pay and benefits we offer help us retain our greatest asset  our employees.





Programs to ensure a skilled workforce

See Powering Economies Through Workforce Development and Cultivating a Diverse and Inclusive Environment in our Sustainability Report.


Percentage of employees eligible to retire

See the Employee Turnover Summary table in the Workforce Performance Metrics section of our Sustainability Report.


Policies for health and safety of employees and contractors

See Leading the way on Safety. Also see EHS Policy & Management System in our Sustainability Report.




Workforce composition, including contractors

See Workforce and Turnover Statistics in our Sustainability Report. The number of contractors working at any one time is highly variable and we do not keep cumulative statistics.


Employee turnover

See the Employee Turnover Summary table in the Workforce and Turnover Statistics section of our Sustainability Report.

Days worked by contractors

Approximately 5.4 million days, for turnkey contractors. See more safety performance information.

Percentage of contractors who have had relevant health and safety training

Safety is a major issue in our industry and we require that all contractors receive relevant training by their employers and/or by Duke Energy.



See Benefits.

Labor/Management Relations


Employees and contractors covered by collective bargaining agreements

See Workforce Performance Metrics in our Sustainability Report.


Minimum notice requirements

We comply with applicable laws and collective bargaining agreements.


Occupation Health & Safety


Percent of workforce included in management & worker health & safety oversight committees

We do not track this specific indicator. However, Duke Energy has safety committees across our company in virtually every business unit, with representatives from first line and management, that plan and execute safety improvement activities. Our business units also conduct self assessments to evaluate employee involvement as a key aspect of our safety culture and use the evaluation results to direct planned improvements.


Safety statistics for employees and contractors

See Leading the Way on Safety.

Education, counseling and prevention programs for employees and families

Our Live Well program helps employees improve their health and wellness, and earn monetary incentives. Employees who complete an online health assessment, have biometric screening (for cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.), and take part in health coaching earn annual discounts to their medical plan contributions.

Other programs available address stress management, fitness counseling, smoking cessation, weight loss, disease management, healthy pregnancies, healthy backs, treatment decision support, and more.


Health and safety topics in formal agreements with labor unions

Bargaining unit concerns are negotiated between the employee representatives and the company. Healthy and safe workplaces are issues for discussion and agreement.



Employees and contractors received more than 1.9 million hours of training in 2016. 

Training & Education


Continuing education

See Career Growth and Development.


Performance reviews

Our philosophy and expectations are that all employees receive an evaluation of their skills and/or performance on an annual basis.


Diversity & Equal Opportunity



See Workforce Performance MetricsOur Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion and Employee Resource Groups.

Wages & salaries distribution

See Benefits.

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