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Product Responsibility Indicators

Management Approach
Safety for our customers, employees and the general public is our highest concern.





Programs to maintain access to electric service and customer support

We provide a variety of programs in each state, with education through our website, bill inserts, liaison with social service agencies and other means.

See Customer Assistance Programs Help Those in Need.

See Customer Assistance Programs.


Practices to address language, disability and other potential barriers to safe access to electric service and customer support

For several examples, please see Special Assistance, and Spanish language pages.

Also, Duke Energy facilities, where customers visit, are designed to meet applicable building code requirements at the time of construction. Code requirements address a wide variety of national, state and local directives, including accessibility for those with disabilities.

Customer Health & Safety


Safety assessment and improvement

We put safety first in all we do, and this core value applies to public, product & service, and employee safety. See Safety & Emergency Preparedness on our website.

Product & Service Labeling


Labeling information required by procedures

Electric and natural gas service cannot be labeled. We provide extensive Public Safety information through bill inserts, announcements, targeted mailings and our website.


Practices and results of customer satisfaction surveys

Regular satisfaction surveys among all customer classes are conducted. See Transforming Customer Experience Through Action in our Sustainability Report.

Customer Privacy


Number of substantiated complaints or breaches of customer privacy

Duke Energy has established a Data Privacy and Identity Theft Protection Program to protect personal information that Duke Energy collects, uses and stores. The program implements consistent measures to comply with the applicable laws, rules and regulations.

In 2019, Duke Energy received one substantiated complaint regarding customer data privacy. This instance involved the data of one individual.



Fines paid for noncompliance with regulations and codes for use of products and services.

See our Form 10-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (A search on the word "litigation" or "fine" in this document leads to several references.)


Percentage of population unserved in service area

Duke Energy has an obligation to serve all who want electrical service in its service territory.


Number of residential disconnections

Duke Energy does not track this information as specified in the GRI guidelines.


Power outage frequency

See Reliable Power


Average power outage duration

See Reliable Power


Average plant availability factor

See Reliable Power