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Duke Energy responds to Elliott Management’s latest letter. Read Duke Energy’s response.

Frequently Asked Questions

Liquidity & Debt FAQ

  • Duke Energy’s financing structure can be found on the Fixed-Income Investors page.
  • Credit ratings of Duke Energy and its subsidiaries can be found on the credit ratings page.

  • Information on credit facilities is listed on the Fixed Income Investors page.
  • Current year financing activity can be found on our Financials & SEC information page. Recent prospectuses are available on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission website.
  • CUSIPs can be found in the long-term debt schedules found on the Fixed Income-Investors page.

Strategic & Operational FAQ

  • The Institutional Investors page has an overview of Duke Energy businesses.

  • Presentations are listed on the Investors page. Further, segment information is listed on the following pages:
  • Information about the Commissions for the regulatory jurisdictions in which we serve along with related regulatory filings (including FERC filings) can be found on the Regulatory Information page. Customer rates can be found on the Institutional Investors page.

Financial FAQ

  • Earnings announcements can be found on the Investors page.

  • All of Duke Energy’s SEC filings can be found on the Financials/SEC Filings page. Quarterly financial statements for Cinergy can be found at the Cinergy Financial Statements page and quarterly financial statements for Duke Energy Kentucky can be found at the Duke Energy Kentucky Financial Statements page.

  • Contact Investor Relations for more information.

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