Duke Energy is working hard in your community to improve reliability, reduce outages, strengthen the power grid against severe weather and prepare our system to serve a growing area. As part of this commitment, we are conducting grid improvement work in the Tega Cay Community.

Over the next year, we will be working to make improvements to our electric infrastructure servicing the Tega Cay community. 

Work will be conducted in phases and will center around the following goals:

  • Improving reliability and reducing outage time – installing smart, self-healing technology that automatically detects power outages and quickly reroutes power to restore service faster.
  • Strengthening the power grid to avoid power outages – upgrading power lines, poles and essential equipment and installing new underground infrastructure. 



Improvement work will begin mid-to-late December 2021 and is expected to occur over the next year, weather permitting. Duke Energy project representatives have and will continue to work closely with city officials and community members over the duration of our grid improvement work to help ensure the highest level of transparency and timely project updates. 

Work will be conducted in three key areas (Phase A, Phase B, and Phase C). Each phase will follow its own timeline and updates on work progress can be found here.

*Please note, phase lettering does not determine order of construction. Proposed timelines can be found below.

Phase A:

  • Phase A includes burying underground power lines beneath the greenway along the northbound side of Tega Cay Drive and installing smart-thinking technology that automatically detects power outages and quickly reroutes power to restore service faster. This work is expected to begin mid-December and take place over a four-month time span.
  • In order to minimize impact during installation, we will close off small sections of the greenway at a time. Each section will be restored immediately upon completion. Our project team will be work closely with city officials to plan and provide appropriate pedestrian re-routes to help safely accommodate those who use the greenway for travel or leisure. 

Phase B:

  • Phase B includes converting overhead lines along Chelsea Day Lane from overhead to underground. This installation will be accomplished utilizing directional boring. The proposed timeline for this work is still pending. We will provide updates as soon as possible. 

Phase C:

Phase C of our grid improvement work includes upgrading nine power poles and the overhead lines on them along Torrence Branch Creek. The new poles will be made of steel to improve reliability and resiliency to the overhead power lines running along Torrence Branch Creek. The current infrastructure is difficult to access and takes a substantial amount of time to restore during outage events. By strategically relocating some of the poles, moving them away from Torrence Branch Creek; and upgrading the poles from wood to steel, we will significantly improve reliability and strengthen the line. The few customers that may be impacted will be notified prior to work start. This work is proposed to begin in Fall of 2022. The timeline for this work will be provided as soon as possible.



Phase A:

Customers located along this area of work should expect:

  • Potential traffic impacts during various phases of work along segments of Tega Cay Dr. Lane closures will typically occur between 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  • Pedestrian traffic impacts. Re-routes will be in place as we work in segments along the greenway. 
  • Weekend work is possible, if the construction crews are making up for weather delays
  • Once the crew reaches the East Boulevard portion of the project, it is likely that the crew will be working both daytime and evening hours in an effort to expedite the work and minimize traffic congestion
  • Planned outages will occasionally be required as work is conducted. Customers will be notified in advance of these outages whenever possible



These grid improvements are needed to improve power reliability and strengthen the power grid servicing the Tega Cay community. 

The intent of these projects is to:

  • Improve overall reliability of service to customers
  • Strengthen the grid against power outages from severe weather
  • Provide smarter options to restore power faster using self-healing technologies



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For more information, please contact Duke Energy’s public engagement manager for this project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Duke Energy is working hard to make sure that the energy infrastructure serving the Tega Cay community and other communities can reliably serve customers now and in the future. Improvements, such as new and upgraded power lines, smart-thinking technology and converting vulnerable overhead lines to underground, can help ensure the power we are delivering is reliable and power you can count on.

  • Various phases of the work along roads will likely include temporary traffic flow changes and potential temporary lane closures. Our work will also impact a portion of the greenway. If this is a route you use for travel or leisure, please check the project website for updates on our progress and work locations to help plan your travel. Large utility and construction equipment, as well as utility crews, will be present in work zones, and a planned outage may also be necessary to complete certain portions of our project work. We will notify affected customers prior to any planned outage when possible.

  • We are anticipating the entire project to take approximately one year to complete. The project will be conducted in phases and we will share updates on project milestones and next steps. 

  • If an easement is needed for your property, a Duke Energy representative will reach out to you directly. 

  • For portions of the project, crews may need to access overhead lines and equipment located behind homes and businesses. This work may require access through gates or fences. We will notify property owners in advance, if such access is required. If work is scheduled to impact your property directly, a Duke Energy representative will contact you prior to work start.

  • There should be no impact to customer property where work being conducted involves overhead equipment. In the areas where underground equipment and infrastructure is being installed, we will also restore any disturbed areas as closely as possible to preexisting conditions.

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