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Targeted Undergrounding

Targeted Undergrounding

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Undergrounding lines, improving reliability

Targeted undergrounding improves storm response and reliability by using smart data to strategically identify the most outage-prone power lines and move those lines underground. Moving outage-prone lines underground can significantly reduce power outages and momentary service interruptions, and it can reduce costs and quicken restoration time after a major event for all customers.


  • Reduce the number of power outages, improving the quality of electric service in outage-prone areas
  • Minimize momentary service interruptions
  • Restore power faster for all customers following major storms
  • Eliminate or reduce the frequency of tree and vegetation work needed for hard-to-access lines
Targeted undergrounding is about more than providing electricity. It's an effort to help ensure that all customers, regardless of where they live, receive the same high level and quality of service.

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