Targeted Underground Program

icon line underground

Moving Overhead Lines to Underground

Our Targeted Underground program strategically identifies our most outage-prone overhead power line sections and relocates them underground.


By identifying these vulnerable overhead electric lines and relocating them underground, we:
  • Reduce the number of power outages, improving the quality of electric service
  • Minimize service interruptions
  • Restore power faster for all customers following major storms
  • Eliminate frequent and labor-intensive tree and other vegetation trimming requirements needed for hard-to-access lines

Targeted areas

Overhead power lines with a history of unusually high numbers of outages are identified as potential targets for the Targeted Underground program. Some power lines drive a disproportionate amount of momentary interruptions (power blinks) and outages that affect our customers. When these lines fail, they not only cause problems for our customers directly served by them, but the failure also affects customers farther down the line.