Lansdowne Vegetation Management

Duke Energy is working hard in your community to improve reliability, reduce outages, strengthen the power grid against severe weather and prepare our system to serve a growing area. As part of this commitment, we are conducting a multiyear grid improvement project in Lansdowne.

We have identified opportunities in the Lansdowne Community where proactive vegetation management is needed to help strengthen the electric grid. It is critical that we maintain trees and other vegetation along power lines that deliver electricity to our customers in order to maintain reliable service and minimize outages.

This work will help reduce the risk of power outages caused by fallen or overhanging limbs. Our vegetation crew has thoughtfully assessed areas where trimming is needed. Locations, where this work is taking place, are flagged on the project overview map.

In addition, we are currently accessing the area for additional reliability improvement upgrades; we will continue to update this website with project plans as they become available.

  • Phase 1 of proactive vegetation trimming will begin in mid-July and will last approximately 10 weeks, weather permitting. In addition to tree trimming, we will have additional crews assessing the infrastructure for potential reliability upgrades throughout the neighborhood over the next 30 days.
  • Customers in the area can expect to see large equipment onsite and experience temporary lane closures and traffic flow changes. Brief outages may be required at various points in the project to trim the trees safely. Customers will be notified prior to experiencing an outage.
  • All the work will be completed in city rights of way; no easement access will be requested. 



In addition to tree trimming, we will have additional crews assessing the infrastructure for potential reliability upgrades throughout the neighborhood over the next 30 days. Following this assessment, we will reach out to the community with more information about future improvement work.

The tree trimming phase must be completed in order to allow for more smart-thinking technology capabilities. Without vegetation management, trees can grow into the electrical equipment or fall across power lines, causing outages.  

The intent of this project is to help:

  • Improve overall reliability of service to customers
  • Reduce the risk of electric service interruption
  • Decrease the likelihood of fires from arching electricity



Project Map

Lansdowne Project Map showing path of construction.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Duke Energy’s public engagement manager for this project.

We look forward to working in your area. To learn more about how Duke Energy manages trees and vegetation throughout the communities we serve, visit our vegetation management page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • As Charlotte continues to grow, we must upgrade and expand the energy infrastructure to power the community. Duke Energy is working hard to make sure that the energy infrastructure serving Lansdowne and other Charlotte communities can reliably serve customers now and in the future. Improvements, such as new and upgraded power lines, will help increase electric capacity in the area to sustainably support this growth. 

    In addition to growth, Duke Energy wants to make sure that all customers enjoy the same high level of reliability and service. A recent reliability analysis identified locations that could benefit from new smart technologies, pole replacements and other improvements to help ensure service remains reliable now and in the years ahead.

  • Various phases of the work along roads will include temporary traffic flow changes and potential temporary road closures. Large utility and construction equipment, as well as utility crews, will be present in work zones. Planned outages, while unlikely, may be necessary to complete certain projects. We will notify affected customers prior to any planned outage.

    In some instances, crews will also need to work in our right of way behind a customer's home or business to access a power line or other equipment.

  • We are anticipating the full project will last through the end of 2021. The project will be conducted in phases, and we will share updates on project milestones and next steps. 
  • An easement will not be required from property owners as all work will be conducted on substation property, road right of way or existing easement areas.
  • For portions of the project, crews will need to access overhead lines and equipment located behind homes and businesses. This work may require access through gates or fences. We will notify property owners in advance if such access is required.

  • Most of the neighborhood work being conducted involves overhead equipment and should not create impacts to customer property. In areas where underground equipment is being installed, crews will restore the area to pre-work conditions.

  • We are making strategic improvements to the power grid in Charlotte to increase reliability, strengthen the grid against severe weather and other threats, expand innovative technologies like solar battery storage, and provide customers with more control over the energy use and tools to save money.

    We are conducting many improvements in Charlotte, such as:

    • Pole and line upgrades to strengthen the grid against outages from severe weather
    • Self-healing technologies that automatically detect power outages and reroute service to restore power faster
    • Additional energy pathways and smart technology around critical areas of the city, such as uptown, the airport and hospitals, to provide new tools to avoid outages and restore power faster when outages occur
    • Reliability improvements in areas that have experienced a higher number of outages
    • Strategic undergrounding of outage-prone line segments to improve reliability for customers
    • Increasing substation and line capacity in fast-growing areas of Mecklenburg County and the region

    In addition, Duke Energy customers in the area can access new tools and options through their smart meter, including hourly and daily usage information, to help better manage energy use and save money.

    Learn more about the ways Duke Energy is working to build a better energy grid in North Carolina.

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