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Grid Improvement

Duke Energy is working hard in your community to improve reliability, reduce outages, strengthen the power grid against severe weather and prepare our system to serve a growing area. As part of this commitment, we are conducting a multiyear grid improvement project in the King, Tobaccoville and Pinnacle areas.

We are currently working to complete a major upgrade to our power lines extending from the King substation, located on Pilot View Drive near Prince Albert Drive, that serves much of King proper, portions of the Village of Tobaccoville and Pinnacle, and the surrounding area. We are making improvements in this service area to the poles and wires that deliver electricity to your home or business.

Work will be conducted in phases through the end of 2022 and will center around these primary work objectives:

  • Strengthening the power grid to minimize and help avoid power outages, and guard against physical and cyber impacts – upgrading power lines, poles and essential equipment.
  • Improving reliability and reducing outage time – installing smart, self-healing technology that automatically detects power outages and quickly reroutes power to restore service faster.
  • Expanding capacity and preparing the area for sustainable growth – completing substation improvements, new underground and overhead power lines to provide more capacity to the area.
  • Give customers more options and control.



Work on these improvements has already begun and is expected to accelerate through the end of 2021 and last through 2022. Weather can impact the progression of this work, as well as the availability of supplies and material due to COVID-19. We will continue to update this webpage with construction zones and timeline information as available.

Work locations include: 

Overhead line upgrades on:

1. Meadowbrook Drive, from Spainhour Mill Road to Butner Road
2. South Main Street, from Jefferson Church Road to Spainhour Mill Road
3 Mizpah Church Road, from Doral Drive to Ridge Bluff Drive
4. Tuttle Road, from Jefferson Church Road to Old Highway 52
5. Chestnut Grove Road, from Brown Road to YMCA Camp Road to Gentry Farm Road
6. Brown Road, from Whispering Creek Road to Deerfield Road
7. Old Highway 52, from Perch Road to Dalton Loop Road
8. West Dalton Road, from East Westmoreland Road to Old Highway 52 to Dalton Loop Road

Underground cable replacements on:

 9. Kellystone Drive
10. Griffin Road
11. Kapp Road
12. Bowens Road
13. Doral Drive

System protection devices are being placed on the grid in various locations throughout the King, Tobaccoville and Pinnacle areas. These devices include a type of fuse that can detect potential power outages and quickly restore power if the problem is minimal. These devices will also lessen the number of customers affected when localized outages occur. Work at each location should last no more than one or two days with minimal congestion and truck traffic. 

Work will include:

  • Local lane closures will be needed as crews construct each segment.
  • Future phases of work will include the installation of smart, self-healing technology to better serve customers in King, Tobaccoville, Pinnacle and the surrounding area. This will also include vegetation management and pole and line upgrades in the area. Work will take place along a number of streets throughout the area, as well as behind homes in some areas where line and pole work needs to be conducted. 
  • Duke Energy will communicate with customers affected by this work before the work begins.

The work will involve large equipment on-site such as box trucks, a pulling rig and large wire spools. We anticipate short-duration lane closures between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. throughout the upgrades.

These grid improvements are needed to strengthen power quality and sustainability, support ongoing growth expansion in the area, and address potential reliability issues and improve service. This work will further prepare our grid for green-enabled generation.

The intent of these projects is to:

  • Support current and future growth and development in the area
  • Improve overall reliability of service to customers
  • Strengthen the grid against power outages from severe weather
  • Provide smarter options to restore power faster using self-healing technologies



Project Map

King Substation Project showing areas of work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • As King and surrounding areas continue to grow, and as our electric facilities continue to age, we must upgrade and expand the energy infrastructure to power the community. Duke Energy is working hard to make sure that the energy infrastructure serving the area in and around King and Tobaccoville can reliably serve customers now and in the future. Improvements such as substation upgrades, as well as new and upgraded power lines, will help increase electric capacity in the area to sustainably support this growth. 

    In addition to growth, Duke Energy wants to make sure that all customers enjoy the same high level of reliability and service. A recent reliability analysis identified locations that could benefit from new smart technologies, pole replacements and upgrades, vegetation management and other improvements to make sure service remains reliable now and in the years ahead.

  • Various phases of the work along roads will likely include temporary traffic flow changes and potential temporary lane closures. Large utility and construction equipment, as well as utility crews, will be present in work zones. A planned outage may also be necessary to complete certain projects. We will notify affected customers prior to any planned outage.

    In some instances, crews may also need to work in our right of way behind a customer's home or business to access a power line or other equipment.

  • We are anticipating the full project will take three years. The project will be conducted in phases and we will share updates on project milestones and next steps. 
  • An easement will not be required from property owners as all work will be conducted on substation property, road right of way or existing easement areas. 
  • For portions of the project, crews may need to access overhead or underground lines and equipment located behind homes and businesses. This work may require access through gates or fences. We will notify property owners in advance if such access is required.

  • Most of the neighborhood work being conducted involves overhead equipment and should not create impacts to customer property. In areas where underground equipment is being installed or upgraded, crews will restore the area to pre-work conditions. 

    Learn more about the ways Duke Energy is working to build a better energy grid in North Carolina.

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