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High Springs Solar Power Plant

High Springs Renewable Energy Center

Creating a Cleaner Energy Future

At Duke Energy, we believe generating electricity from renewable resources will play an important role in the transition to cleaner energy. That's why we're developing innovative renewable power projects to serve communities and meet the needs of the overall grid.

Project Overview

We're excited to announce we are planning to construct the High Springs Renewable Energy Center on property located south of NW 174th Avenue in High Springs, Fla. Once operational, the 74.9-megawatt (MW) facility will consist of approximately 220,000 sun tracking solar panels. When the solar facility is operating at peak capacity, it will safely and quietly generate enough carbon-free energy annually to effectively power about 23,000 average-sized homes.

Benefits to the Community

  • Create approximately 200+ new construction jobs
  • Provide 74.9 MW of clean, renewable energy for community residents and businesses
  • Increased tax revenues
  • Generate economic benefits to local businesses during construction
  • Help improve overall reliability of the electric grid 

Operational Features

  • Safe, quiet generation
  • No air emissions or waste production
  • Minimal water needs
  • No impact on local traffic after construction with limited staff on site
  • Pollinator-friendly plants 
  • Vegetation management plan
  • Land can be restored to agriculture at the end of the facility's useful life

Solar as a Neighbor

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Project Schedule

During construction, approximately 175-200 vehicles will deliver solar panels by a planned access route to the site. Routes used during construction will be restored, as needed, to their prior condition or as required by city or county policies. At peak construction, the project will employ approximately 200 workers on-site. Crews will be grading, digging trenches for cables, driving steel piles into the ground and setting inverters in place with heavy equipment. As a result, neighbors may hear construction noise as crews perform this work during daylight hours. We will provide construction notifications to surrounding neighbors and make every reasonable effort to limit the impacts to you and comply with any local noise ordinances.

Construction of a solar facility may take up to 12 months. For a more detailed look at a typical solar project schedule, please see the Solar Power Plant Construction Timeline document.
  • Planning and Development

    Late 2021

  • Construction Begins

    May 2022

  • Estimated Project Completion

    Early 2023

Additional Resources

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