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Global Climate Change

Climate Change

Bold steps today lead to a cleaner energy future for you.

Ambitious goals. Strong progress.

Our country is at a critical point in addressing the impact of climate change. At Duke Energy, we’re taking bold action to address this challenge while continuing to deliver affordable, reliable, increasingly clean energy.  
We've set ambitious climate goals for our company, striving toward at least a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions from electricity generation in 2030 on the way to net-zero CO2 by 2050. We're also targeting net-zero methane emissions for our natural gas distribution business by 2030.
More importantly, we’re moving aggressively to make these goals a reality. Our company is fully focused, working together to accelerate the execution of our clean energy strategy. 

With this focus and the continued collaboration of regulators, elected officials and stakeholders, we’re confident we can meet our goals and secure a clean energy future for the millions of Americans we are proud to serve.

Through all of this, we remain committed to the appropriate balance between pace and cost, reliability and innovation as we: 

  • Collaborate and align with our states and stakeholders.
  • Accelerate our transition to cleaner energy solutions.
  • Continue to operate our existing carbon-free technologies, including nuclear and renewables.
  • Modernize our electric grid.
  • Advocate for sound public policy that advances technology and innovation.

Leading the Way