Riverbend Steam Station

Retirement: 2013
Capacity: 454 megawatts
Location: Gaston County, North Carolina
Commercial Date: 1929
Status: Retired

Riverbend Steam Station was constructed as a coal-fired generating facility located in Gaston County, N.C. The four-unit station was named for a bend in the Catawba River on which it is located. When in operation, Riverbend was considered a cycling station and was brought on line to supplement supply when electricity demand was high.

Four gas-fired combustion turbine units were retired in October 2012.

Duke Energy retired Riverbend Steam Station on April 1, 2013. The plant is being demolished through mechanical removal of plant structures. That work is expected to conclude in 2019.

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Plant Happenings

Information included in recent neighbor updates, along with work and progress at the site.

Date Title
Summer 2017- Summer 2018 The company is actively demolishing the retired Riverbend coal plant and its associated buildings. Neighbors will notice site activity and some increased truck traffic as the crew transports materials offsite for recycling. The powerhouse will not be imploded but will be mechanically pulled down in sections, including the smokestacks. Increased traffic also is expected in spring-summer 2018 as clean soil is brought to the site to fill in the former basement of the plant for grading and seeding. 
07/25/2017 Neighbor letter updates community on status of retired coal plant demolition and ash basin excavation work.

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