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H.F. Lee Plant

Retirement: 2012
Capacity: 382 megawatts
Location: Wayne County, North Carolina
Commercial Date: 1951
Status: Retired

After serving customers for more than 60 years, the H.F. Lee Plant was retired on Sept. 15, 2012. As part of Duke Energy's commitment to a cleaner, more efficient energy future, three coal-fired units were retired in September 2012 followed by four oil-fueled combustion turbine units in October 2012.

Originally known as the Goldsboro Plant, operation began shortly after the end of World War II. Customer demand helped necessitate additional pulverized-coal units in 1952 and 1962, and four oil-fueled combustion turbine units between 1967 and 1971.

In March 1964, the plant was renamed after Harry Fitzhugh Lee, a district manager who retired from Carolina Power & Light after a 45-year career.

When the retirement was announced in 2009, the company also announced plans to construct a gas-fired combined cycle plant. The 920-MW station began operation in December 2012.

In addition to the retired coal-fired plant, the H.F. Lee Complex includes:
  • H.F. Lee Combustion Turbines (retired)
  • H.F. Lee Combined Cycle Power Block
  • Wayne County Combustion Turbines
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