Brickhaven Mine

Location: Chatham County, North Carolina

Capacity: 12 million tons

Duke Energy has contracted with Charah Inc., an industry expert in coal ash management, to develop fully lined structural fill projects at former clay mines in Lee and Chatham counties in North Carolina. In cases where on-site landfills are not practical or state law establishes aggressive closure deadlines, these structural fill projects offer central locations and safe storage. They also recycle ash – a valuable construction material – in place of soil to make land usable in the future.

More than 4 million tons of material from the Riverbend Steam Station in Mt. Holly, N.C., and 2 million tons from the Sutton Plant in Wilmington, N.C., will be transported primarily by rail to Brickhaven mine on Moncure Flatwood Road. An additional 6 million tons of coal ash will be excavated from five basins at the nearby Cape Fear Plant, which will be transported by truck.

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Plant Happenings

Information included in recent neighbor updates, along with work and progress at the site.

  • Letter update to neighbors.

    Letter update to neighbors with details on first deliveries of coal ash to the mine that will soon begin.

  • Letter to neighbors.

    Letter to neighbors about our plans for Brickhaven mine and an overview of our safe basin closure plans.

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