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Tower Road New 69-kV Transmission Line and Substation

Project Status

In early 2020, a project assessment was conducted resulting in several projects including Tower Road being extended. The project status remains the same. No activities will be conducted in 2021.

Project Announcement

Duke Energy announced plans in November 2018 for a new 69-kilovolt (kV) transmission line and electric substation in southern Pasco County. This project will enhance the ability of Duke Energy to provide safe and reliable energy to homes, community facilities and businesses. The route, which was announced in spring 2019, can be viewed in the attached map.

Transmission Line Route

We reviewed and considered community input along with other factors such as safety, reliability, land use, and cultural and natural resources in the process to select a route. Based on extensive evaluation, we believe the selected route will have the least overall impact to homes, personal properties, businesses, the communities and the environment. 

The planned transmission line will extend south approximately 3-miles from the site of the proposed Tower Road substation at the intersection of Tower Road and Drexel Road to the site of the proposed Morgan Road substation located at 21202 Morgan Road. 


Approved route map thumbnail
View larger map.

Project Details 

  • Construct one 69-kV line from the new Tower Road substation to the proposed Morgan Road substation.
  • Construct a new Tower Road substation to serve the load growth in the rapidly growing area north of State Road 54 in Land O' Lakes.
  • The schedule for easement acquisitions, preconstruction activities and the construction of both the transmission line and substation will be announced at a later date.

Next Steps – What to Expect

The schedule for land surveying, soil borings, field investigations, easement acquisition, and other preconstruction and construction activities will be announced at a later date.
Photo of a typical transmission tower structure.

The typical height of the structures will be 75 to 105 feet. The space between each structure will be 280 to 350 feet on average.

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