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Terminal to Willey Substation Pole Replacements

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Transmission Investments

Reliability is a responsibility that Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. (Duke Energy Ohio) takes very seriously. As part of our dedication to build a smarter energy framework in Hamilton County, Duke Energy Ohio will be making improvements to a 138-kilovolt (kV) transmission line from Duke Energy's Terminal Substation off Starburn Avenue in Cincinnati to the Willey Substation at 7301 Willey Road in Harrison, Ohio.

Project Need

Through our continuous assessment of the electric system, we have identified the need to replace and upgrade equipment on approximately 30 utility poles on a 138-kV electric transmission line and repair or replace equipment on nine additional wood poles. This critical upgrade investment will address modern standards and ensure the reliability and resiliency of the electric transmission system that carries energy to your community's homes, schools, hospitals and businesses.

Project Description

The project is divided into several sections, with one section between Mt. Healthy and Mapleknoll substations:

Between Mt. Healthy and Mapleknoll Substations

Duke Energy plans to replace and realign a 0.27-mile section of 138-kV transmission line with 0.21 mile of 138-kV transmission line. The project is located in Colerain Township between the Mt. Healthy Substation at 7557 Forest Ave. and the Mapleknoll Substation, located at 3804 Springdale Road in Cincinnati.

The realignment will take place around the State Highway 27 crossing and will address modern clearance standards. The project involves replacing three wood utility poles with direct embed steel poles. Two existing wood utility poles will be removed. In addition, a transmission pole will be relocated 45 feet to the northwest and will be direct embed steel. An additional direct embed steel pole will be added to support the new realignment.

The new transmission pole near the state highway 27 crossing – 90.5 feet tall – will be located between the 275 on-ramp and Highway 27. The transmission line for this portion of the project – 1,122 feet – will be reconductored for reliability.

The new pole heights will range from 72.5 to 90.5 feet – between 7.5 to 19 feet taller than the present wood pole construction. The work takes place along Bevis Lane and then moves up to where the transmission line crosses U.S. 27.

Between Terminal and Finneytown Substations

Replace nine wood poles with steel poles between the Terminal Substation and the Finneytown Substation at 822 Compton Road in Cincinnati. The new steel poles will be equal to or approximately 5 feet taller than the present wood poles to address modern reliability standards. Most of the construction is roadside, with two poles across from Wellesley Avenue and Commonwealth Drive and then along Fleming Road starting around the intersection of Case Lane.

Between Finneytown and Mt. Healthy Substations

Replace 11 poles with steel poles between the Finneytown Substation and the Mt. Healthy Substation. The new poles will be equal to or approximately 5 feet taller than the present wood poles to address modern reliability standards. Most of the construction is roadside starting on Compton Road near the intersection of Cherry Blossom Road and ending near the intersection of Compton Road near Fontainbleau Terrace.

Between Mapleknoll and Willey Substations

Repair or replace equipment on six wood utility poles between Mapleknoll Substation and Willey Substation, located at 7301 Willey Road in Harrison, Ohio.

Benefits to the Community

  • Improves electrical system reliability
  • Better addresses the impact of severe weather in the city
  • Maintains a robust system for supplying and delivering energy, which is integral to ensuring the continued economic growth and prosperity of the community
  • Improves power quality and reliability for decades to come


Community engagement allows us to receive input and to share information about this project.

The letter of notification related to the Mt. Healthy-Mapleknoll portion of the project was sent on Nov. 9.


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