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Shaker Run

Shaker Run

Reliability Enhancement Project

Our goal at Duke Energy is to provide reliable energy day and night to the communities we serve. Due to population growth and the need for greater energy capacity, as well as anticipated future needs on the energy grid, Duke Energy is planning the construction of a new 69-kilovolt (kV) overhead transmission power line. The project will begin at the Liberty Substation located at 8200 Liberty Way in Liberty Township (Butler County) and end at the Shaker Run Substation on State Route 63 in Warren County.

Construction on the northern portion in Warren County is scheduled to begin in January 2020 and continue through June 2020.

As construction begins on the north section, we'll begin vegetation clearing on the south section – from Liberty Way to Brewer Road – from February to April 2020. This process protects the utility infrastructure and allows our crews to have the safe and unobstructed ability to work on the transmission line. Transmission line construction on the south end of the project is planned from May to August 2020.

Watch a video showing the path of the new transmission line. The video includes photographic simulations of how the transmission line will look along Butler Warren Road, as well as vegetation that enhances the appearance of the community while supporting safety standards around electric transmission lines. The views were simulated from photos taken in March 2018.

Project Need

This project is part of Duke Energy's commitment to improve the reliability of our energy grid as we make smart investments for the future.

Butler and Warren counties are two of the fastest-growing counties in the state of Ohio. The new power line will improve the reliability of electric service in this area by providing an additional option for routing power – in the event that other transmission lines are damaged or need routine maintenance. The added capacity also will help reduce power outages and shorten restoration times in severe weather events.

Project Description

The 69-kV transmission line will be 8 miles long and will involve approximately 190 galvanized steel poles. The poles will be approximately 59 to 80 feet above ground and may be taller when crossing roads or locations where extra height is needed for clearance. The added height also will allow room for future electric lines to provide capacity to this growing area.

Benefits to the Community

  • The new power line will improve power quality and reliability, including during severe weather events.
  • The steel pole construction requires less maintenance and fewer inspections, and therefore less disturbance to neighborhoods than the wood pole construction.
  • The project will enable us to serve more customers from multiple substations, which should also reduce power outage times and improve reliability.
  • An effective and robust transmission system maintains reliability, meets regulatory requirements and addresses the growing needs of our customers. This project is an example of how Duke Energy is enhancing reliability in this area by providing an option to reroute power in the event that other transmission lines need repair or maintenance. 

Public Input

Community engagement allows us to receive input and share information about this project. Duke Energy is committed to being responsive to customers' needs, providing accurate information and communicating transparently with the community.
  • Property owners were invited to contribute their input on the project at a 2015 open house. The gathering was held May 26, 2015, at Mason High School.
  • Property owners received notification of the determined route of the transmission line in a letter dated June 12, 2015.
  • Letters announcing the staking for pole locations on the south end of the project were sent to residents in that area on July 21, 2017.
  • An update on construction planning was sent to residents in a May 2018 letter.
  • A Sept. 19, 2018 communication was sent to the north end of the project to communicate north end vegetation work in October.
  • A December 2018 postcard announced that construction planned for January 2019 was delayed.
  • An August 2019 letter communication announced the update construction schedule.

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Shaker Run Reliability Enhancement Project
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