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State Route 63 Transmission Line Relocation

Duke Energy is committed to providing customers with reliable and safe energy. We’re improving our transmission infrastructure, the backbone of our state’s energy system – powering communities and helping to build the smarter, cleaner energy future our customers want.  

Duke Energy is preparing to replace and relocate more than 100 69-kilovolt (kV) poles that run approximately 3 miles east/west along State Route 63 and replace two 138kV/345kV lattice towers that carry wires that cross north/south over SR 63. This work is to accommodate a road widening project of State Route 63 in Turtlecreek Township requested by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Warren County, Ohio. The two steel lattice towers are located in an existing Duke Energy easement and will be replaced with three single-pole steel structures that will be approximately 30 feet taller than the existing structures. Because of the change in structure type and size, a review and approval by the Ohio Power Siting Board is required for the lattice tower replacements.  The new taller structures are needed to meet clearance requirements for the 69kV lines that will run east/west underneath on new taller steel structures to replace the existing wood poles. The east/west transmission line will be in road right-of-way.

Project Need

Warren County is the fastest growing county in southwest Ohio. This project will accommodate the county’s plans to ease traffic congestion by widening SR63 to five lanes.

Project Description 

  • The construction will take place approximately along a 3-mile stretch of State Route 63 in Turtlecreek Township. 
  • The existing wood poles located in the east/west road right-of-way will be relocated and replaced with taller steel poles to improve reliability as part of modern transmission standards. 
  • The new poles will range in height from 45 feet to 100 feet – an average of 10 to 20 feet taller than the existing wood poles. 
  • The project involves relocating approximately 100 poles.
  • Two steel lattice towers that carry power lines north/south over SR63 will be replaced with 3 single-pole steel structures. The structures, located on an existing Duke Energy easement, will be approximately 30 feet taller to meet clearance requirements between the north-south transmission lines and the east-west transmission lines. 
Aerial view of project route along SR 63
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Project at a glance

  • Project area: Turtlecreek Township, Warren County
  • Project plan: Pole replacements and tower structures replaced
  • Line length:  Approximately 3 miles 
  • End points: Gateway Blvd. (on the west) to 3300 block of SR 63 (on the east)
  • Pole: Steel poles approximately 45 to 100 feet
  • Vegetation Management start:  Spring 2022
  • Construction start: Summer 2022
  • Project completion: December 2022

Benefits to the Community

  • Accommodates a road-widening project to relieve traffic congestion
  • Maintains a robust system for supplying and delivering energy
  • Improves electrical system reliability


Community engagement allows us to share information about this project. Property owners first received notification about this project Nov. 29, 2021.

Property owners received an update notification about this project on April 1, 2022.

Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. (Duke Energy Ohio or Company) recently withdrew its application in OPSB Case No. 22-11-EL-BNR regarding this project. The company is re-filing this project under OPSB Case No. 22-445-EL-BNR due to the need to clarify more information for the project. 

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