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Reems Creek Reliability Project

Reems Creek Reliability Project

Working to improve electric reliability for our customers.

Current Project Activity

Over the coming months, project neighbors may notice increased field crews on the substation property and the transmission line corridor that connects from the new substation. You may see surveying, staking, underground utility locations and limited vegetation clearing to conduct this work.

At Duke Energy, we are committed to making continuous improvements that expand the delivery of more reliable and cleaner energy to our customers in the Weaverville and south Asheville area.


Project at a glance

  • The project:
    • Construct a new substation off Aiken Road in Weaverville, NC
    • Build a new transmission line from the new substation to connect to an existing line south of Shadow Drive
    • Upgrade the existing transmission line (completed May 2023)
    • The new substation will feed distribution upgrades currently taking place in the area. These upgrades create a self-healing network improving grid reliability for surrounding customers. 
    • New Substation and Transmission Line Construction start: Summer 2023
  • Project area: Weaverville, Buncombe County
  • Voltage: 115 kilovolts
  • Project completion/closeout: Summer 2024

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Community Meeting Presentation

Learn more about preconstruction activities

Learn more about the Energy Superhighway


  • Project planning and design through 2022

  • Preconstruction activities (surveying, vegetation removal, soil borings) – Spring 2021 to Fall 2022

  • Grading and Clearing – Fall 2022 to Summer 2023

  • Start of construction – Summer 2023

  • Project completion – Summer 2024

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Benefits for the Community

  • Grid Improvement

    Helps power homes, community facilities and businesses in Weaverville.

  • Reliability

    Helps accommodate fluctuating demand and improve resiliency during severe weather.

  • Economic Growth

    Addresses the need for additional electric capacity in Weaverville.

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View Community Meeting Presentation

A virtual community meeting was held on May 5, 2022, to provide details about the Reems Creek New Electric Substation. Duke Energy offers the presentation below as a resource for attendees and those who could not make the event.
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Please feel free to contact our Public Engagement team by phone at 800.952.0414 or by email if you have questions or concerns.

Additional Resources

Here is more background and detailed information about the Reems Creek Reliability Project. These may help answer your questions.