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Kenwood Transmission Line Upgrade

Kenwood Transmission Line Upgrade

Current Project Activities

In the coming weeks, we will restart this work to help improve reliability and meet the growing energy needs of the community. Crews will be installing hardware and stringing wires on the structures to finish upgrading the new line.

Project Overview

Duke Energy is committed to providing customers with reliable, safe and increasingly clean energy. We’re improving our transmission infrastructure – the backbone of our state’s energy system – powering communities and helping to build the smarter, cleaner energy future that customers want. 

Pinellas County is experiencing rapid growth and increased energy use. To help meet the demand, Duke Energy plans to upgrade and rebuild an existing 3.3-mile transmission line in St. Petersburg from our 40th Street Substation to our 16th Street Substation. The existing line, which is located in road right of way, will be upgraded with stronger, steel poles close to their current locations. These new poles will require less maintenance and be more resilient to extreme weather. This will help to reduce outages and improve overall reliability.

This project is one of several projects in Pinellas County designed to help ensure continued reliability and meet the growing demand for electricity used by homes, businesses and the community.

At a Glance

Project area: St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Fla.
Project plan: Upgrade existing transmission line
Line length: 3.3 miles
End points: 40th Street Substation at 4055 13th Ave. N. and 16th Street Substation at 105 16th St. N. 
Line voltage: 115 kilovolts
Poles: Upgrade existing wood poles with single-pole steel poles
Preconstruction activities start: Spring 2022
Line construction: Early 2023
Completion: Early 2024

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  • Spring 2022

    Preconstruction work, including surveying, soil boring and staking

  • Late 2022

    Vegetation removal

  • Early 2023

    Transmission line construction

  • Early 2024

    Project completion

*Schedules are subject to change based on factors such as weather, availability of crews and equipment, permitting, or unforeseen circumstances. Activities may not occur in a sequential manner over the entire distance of the project.
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Project Benefits

  • Grid Improvements

    With new poles and wires, the line will be more resilient against severe weather and require less maintenance.

  • Flexibility

    Greater capacity will help move energy from a variety of generation sources

  • Sustainable Growth

    Higher capacity power lines will help support the growing energy needs of the county now and in the future.

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