New Arlington Transmission Line

Energy demand in eastern Mecklenburg and southern Cabarrus counties is growing. To keep up with the growing demand, Duke Energy must provide a new transmission power line to serve these areas.

Overview of the project

Duke Energy is building approximately three miles of a new 100-kilovolt (kV) transmission line within Duke Energy's existing easement from our Clear Creek transmission line, west of Harrisburg Road, to a new substation being built by Union Power Cooperative on Rocky River Church Road in Charlotte.

Important Benefits to the community

The new transmission line is one of a number of projects in the region that will improve Duke Energy's service to its customers and those of other utilities like Union Power Cooperative. Improvements to the region's electric infrastructure support growing customer demand for electricity and increase power reliability, especially during times of extreme temperatures.

What to expect

Property owners can expect to see crews, trucks and equipment working in and near the utility easement during line construction.Throughout this project, activities may include:
  • Duke Energy employees and contractors accessing and working within and around the utility's easement to perform field assessments and gather data.
  • Installing survey stakes and ribbons to clearly mark easement boundaries, structure locations and other important landmarks.
  • Establishing work zones to provide safety barriers for our crews and the general public. At times, a road may be blocked temporarily as we safely deliver equipment and materials to the utility corridor.
  • Temporary storage of construction equipment and materials at strategic locations within the easement.
  • Installing temporary environmental erosion control measures such as, barriers, fences and mats.
  • Removing vegetation and trees within and along the edge of the easement to allow for the safe construction, operation and maintenance of the transmission line.
  • Constructing the line using steel/concrete monopoles and/or steel lattice towers.
  • Stabilizing the ground with seed and straw placement.

Current projected schedule for Project

Preparing Duke Energy's easement for construction:

  • Surveying, staking, soil borings and acquiring permits – now through December 2020
  • Easement erosion control and access installation – Fall 2020
  • Vegetation clearing – Fall 2020

Projected construction timeline:

  • Transmission line construction activities – Fall 2020
  • Easement restoration activities – Fall 2021
  • Project completion – November 2021


Call: 800.365.8979

New Arlington Transmission Project route map
View a larger version of the project overview map.

Community route maps

Photo of 100kV double circuit monople
Example of proposed 100kV Double Circuit Monopole 
Photo of 100kV tangent lattice tower
Example of proposed 100kV Tangent Lattice Tower

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