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Miami Fort Gas Turbine Generation

Miami Fort Gas Turbine Generation Substation Separation

Reliability is a responsibility that Duke Energy takes very seriously. We are working on building a smarter energy future, which includes improvements to the electric transmission system in Hamilton County.

The Miami Fort Gas Turbine (GT) Generation Substation in North Bend, Ohio, is getting a new design and updated equipment to improve the reliability of the community’s electricity as part of its separation from the gas turbine generating station. This project follows the former announcement that Duke Energy would be exiting the Midwest commercial generating business and selling nine power plants in Ohio, including the Miami Fort GT Generating Station. Duke Energy retains ownership of the Miami Fort GT Generation Substation and is reconfiguring the substation to operate independently from the generating station.

Project Need

The project will increase security to the substation as part of the separation of operations from the sale of the generating station. As a result, the project will support the reliability of the energy network, as well as meet regulatory standards to serve electricity to homes, schools, hospitals and businesses in the area. 

Project Description

The project involves expanding the southeast side of the substation by approximately 4,500 square feet within Duke Energy Ohio easements to make room for the new substation equipment and to transfer existing Duke Energy-owned equipment into a new building. The project will include installing approximately 120 feet of new fencing around the expanded area. An existing wood transmission pole outside the substation will be replaced with a 95-foot-tall steel pole (buried at 13 feet) and will be moved approximately 45 feet to the east of the existing wood transmission pole.

Vegetation clearing for this project is expected to begin in June 2021. Construction on foundations for the new equipment is planned for June 2021. All construction is expected to be completed by March 2022.

A notice to construct, operate and maintain this electric transmission project is now pending before the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) in Columbus, Ohio. 

View the copy of the application.

A paper copy will be provided upon request. To obtain a paper copy, please contact 888.827.5116.

Benefits to the Community

  • Improves electrical system reliability
  • Maintains a robust system for supplying and delivering energy, which is integral to ensuring the continued economic growth and prosperity of the community
  • Improves power reliability for decades to come by strengthening the security of the energy grid

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